Account Manager

The Account Manager (sometimes referred to as your Control Panel) is where you can manage your domains and services held with us. You will need to know the username and password in-order to login (if you don’t have the password but know the username and email address registered with us then you can use the retrieve password option)

Main Menu Explained

Account settings

The Account settings are the contact details we have for the person or business managing the account at this time. Aswell as contact details this section also contains contact details for renewal reminders and reminder frequency information. You can also change your Account Manager login password in this section (this is not your FTP password).


The Domains section contains an important sub-menu that allows you to action and control many aspects of your domains. There is a convenient ‘selected domain’ drop-down at the top right. Whenever you enter the Domains menu you will be defaulted on your first domain (if you have more than one). Use this drop-down to select the domain you want to work on. Subject to your domain settings and services there are options here for Email settings, Website settings, Website Subdomains, Web FTP, Registry settings (inc. Delegation and TAG change), DNS editor (A, MX and CNAMES etc.,), Install scripts (inc. WordPress), Whois information and Website statistics.

FTP settings

The FTP Settings section now allows you to maintain your FTP security aswell as maintaining your FTP password for the whole account.

Mysql settings

If you are running PHP scripts then you almost certainly will need databases. These are created and deleted here and managed (edited, imported, exported, etc.,) via phpMyAdmin.

Linked accounts

Linked accounts are useful for a number of reasons. Primarily used by businesses or individuals who manage domains for clients and friends etc., They are also useful for when you want to perhaps give FTP access to a developer for one domain without giving them full access to all your other domains.


This is where you pay for services and domain renewals. You can pay by Debit/Credit Card, Paypal or Cheque or Bank Transfers. Renewal reminder frequency and email address used for reminders is set in the Account settings.

Order history

View completed orders and re-print Invoices. Sometimes you also pay for orders in this section if we have processed the order (usually a renewal) but payment is still outstanding.