The Domains section allows you to action and control many aspects of your domains. There is a convenient ‘selected domain’ drop-down at the top right. Whenever you enter the Domains menu you will be defaulted on your first domain (if you have more than one). Use this drop-down to select the domain you want to work on.

Domains Menu Explained

Email settings

Unless you host your mail externally then all your domains mail settings are here. On the free services you can setup forwarding. For Adv. Email and Hosting users then you can setup forwarding, mailboxes, filtering and autoreponders here.

Website settings

This section allows you to change your Hosting Type and some hosting options. You can also get your FTP upload details from here.


WebFTP is a simple but useful browser based FTP utility. It should be noted you can’t rename or upload multiple files (in one go) with this. For more advanced work we would suggest using a standalone FTP application. WebFTP can be used for uploading single files, deleting single files and empty folders aswell as editing html and txt files.

Website subdomains

This section gives you more control over website subdomains; adding entries here allows you to assign subdomains to any folder in your html directory. The folder will be created by the server automatically and will include a cgi-bin.

Registry settings

This section allows you to check and alter the registry specific settings for your domain. You need to use this facility with care as altering certain registry settings may cause your domain to malfunction.

Secure web addresses

This page allows you to configure HTTPS access to your website. You can either have a URL based on one of our free shared SSL certificates, or you can purchase a secure certificate from us for your domain.

DNS Editor

This section in your Account Manager allows you to edit the zone record held on our nameservers for your domain. Changes made here are only active when your domain is active and it’s nameservers are set to ours

Install scripts

Currently we have automated installs for WordPress, FormMail and a folder Password Editor.

WHOIS information

Simply shows you the current WHOIS information about your domain. Note most details can be updated within the Registry settings section.

Website statistics

In this section you can view up to six months of server logs aswell as viewing server statistics using Webalizer.