If your domain is managed by us and on our nameservers then you can have your emails hosted elsewhere while still having your site with us. The example here is for using Google to handle your domains email services. This example assumes you have set this up with Google already as we only cover the setting changes our end.

You can setup the Google MX records from your UKServers Account Manager under Domains > DNS Editor.

1. If there are any MX records there already then use the ‘Trash‘ icon to remove these.

2. For each new MX record click the ‘Add MX record‘ button

3. Enter a Priority and the MX record in the Address field. All MX records should end with a dot character.

4. Repeat Step 3 for each MX record.

5. To activate these settings the Toggle Enable/Disable custom DNS button needs to show ‘Disable’ ie. meaning it’s currently Enabled. If you have just enabled then allow about 30 minutes for new settings to activate.