Linked accounts

Linked accounts are useful for a number of reasons. Primarily used by businesses or individuals who manage domains for clients and friends etc., They are also useful for when you want to perhaps give FTP access to a developer for one domain without giving them full access to all your other domains.

Once an account is linked to your main account then you will be able to see renewals for your main account as well as all your linked accounts. An important feature of the linked accounts allows you to give your clients / users ‘limited’ access via their Account Manager login.

Note: Domains can only be moved from one account to another via our support department at present. Allowing users to move domains is one option we will hope to add to the Account Manager in the future.

Adding a Linked account

As an example here we are linking an account that maybe for a customer or friend. They may want access to the Account Manager to upload files and change email settings etc., In this example we have un-ticked the sections for Account setting, Order history, Renewals and Registry settings. This would mean the user still has full access to website and email settings but don’t see renewals (say perhaps if you deal with this) and can’t update account settings and change the main Account Manager password and cannot also transfer domains away because we have removed the Registry settings.

1.) You will first need to login to your ‘main’ Account Manager and then click Linked accounts from the main menu.

2.) Enter the current username and password of the account you want to link to followed by a friendly name (for your reference only) and then un-tick any features you don’t want available to the user (these can be edited and changed later).

3.) Click ‘Add link‘ once done. If the correct username and password were entered then this account will now be linked.

Viewing a Linked account

Once you have linked an account it’s then easy for you to switch accounts from your main account simply by using the Account drop-down from the main menu or any of the sections in the main menu apart from Domains. Follow the same procedure to switch back to your main account. Note that any sections you have un-ticked from the user will appear to you but will have ‘(hidden)‘ next to them – these sections are missing when the user logs in.