Recovering Login Details

If you have lost or forgot your Account Manager password or it’s just not working then there is a way to get a new password but you must know your Account username (uks.. or web.. ) and your email address you have setup in your Account (or the one you used to create the account if you have not updated this).

If you don’t know these details then contact support for help

1. Open the Account Manager login page. Then click the link (see below) to retrieve your login details.

2. You must enter the exact email address you have currently set in your Account with us along with your account username (all lowercase).

3. If the details matched the details we have then this is the message you will get (below).

If on the otherhand you get this message then either the email address of username you are entering are incorrect. Remember the username has to be all lowercase and normally starts uks or web then generally a 4 or 5 digit number.

If you can’t get passed this then contact support for help

4. Once you receive the email from us you need to click the reset link which is only valid for 60 minutes for security reasons.

If you miss the 60 minute deadline then just start the process again

Note: Some mail programs may split the link over two lines which will most likely break the link. If this happens then simply copy and paste both lines of the link into your browser address bar and so re-creating the full link. Then press Enter on your browser to continue.

5. If the link is valid you will get the following screen. Click the ‘Reset Password‘ button to have the new password emailed to you.

6. Email will now be sent to you with new Account Manager password. This password can be kept or you can simply login and then set a new one from the Account Settings menu.

This is the email you will get from us with your new password:

We don’t email you details that are incorrect so if you get any problems then firstly make sure you are entering the username / password exactly as we have supplied them (both are case sensitive). Also entering leading or trailing spaces may cause the details not to be accepted.

If you still cannot login then it’s always worth trying a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.,) . We test to make sure that our Account Manager works with all the current browsers. Also make sure you have cookies enabled.