All domain names have the ability to have email addresses associated with them. If your domain is with us or managed on our nameservers then your UKServers Account Manager allows you to manage your email.

Mail can be handled in one of three ways:


Mailbox facilities are available when you have our Hosting or Advanced Email services. To upgrade to these services simply place an order on the Virtualnames website using the Upgrade link at the top.

Setting up mailboxes is easy and allows for reliable collection of important emails whether business or personal. Once a mailbox is setup it can be accessed via a browser using our Webmail and Atmail interfaces aswell as many other Mail applications (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc.,) and many mobile devices (Iphone/Ipad, Android, Blackberry etc.,)

Mail Forwarding

Email forwarding allows you to setup email addresses on your domain name and have the mail sent on to an external email address. Although we reliably forward on emails it should be noted that a lot of the free email service providers may filter forwarded mail differently to your normal mail delivery – this can mean that sometimes messages we deliver to the email service you use may not always arrive in your mailbox.

External Mail

As well providing reliable mail services ourselves we also make it easy for you to host your mail externally whether we host your website or not. If your domain is on our nameservers then you can setup your own external mail settings via the Account Manager under Domains > DNS Editor.