External Mail

If your domain is on our nameservers then you can use your UKServers Account Manager under Domains > DNS Editor to setup and have your mail handled externally. If you still have mail services with us then it’s possible to use our mail server as a smart host for mail delivery.

Common examples of MX changes

1. Replacing our MX with an external known MX

Use the ‘pencil’ icon on the current MX record (defaulted to our MX) to edit the record and replace our details with your new MX record making sure to include a dot ‘.’ character at the end. Then click Save changes.

If you see the ‘Enable custom DNS’ button then click this to make it say ‘Disable custom DNS’. This will mean your DNS settings have now been enabled.

Allow 30 minutes for changes made (or after enabling) to take effect.

2. Using an external service such as GoogleMail

a. If there are any MX records there already then use the ‘Trash‘ icon to remove these.

b. For each new MX record click the ‘Add MX record‘ button

c. Enter a Priority and the MX record in the Address field. All MX records should end with a dot character.

d. Repeat Step 3 for each MX record.

e. To activate these settings the Toggle Enable/Disable custom DNS button needs to show ‘Disable’ ie. meaning it’s currently Enabled. If you have just enabled then allow about 30 minutes for new settings to activate.

3. Setting up your own external Mailserver

This is a common example for setting up your own external mailserver (Mainly running Microsoft Exchange). As an MX record cannot be an IP address we have setup an A record under the Domain records, then used this in the MX Records section.

Note also that if you leave our MX server as a lower priority (higher value) then it will act as a backup should yours go down for upto 5 days – messages will then be re-delivered to your MX once it is back up (normally within about an hour).

Allow 30 minutes for changes made (or after enabling) to take effect.