Smart host

If you run your own mailservers (exchange normally) and still pay us for mail services (ie. you have hosting or Adv. Email) then it is possible to use us as a smart host for mail delivery. A smart host is a type of mail relay server which allows an SMTP server to route e-mail to an intermediate mail server rather than directly to the recipient’s server. Our server does require authentication from the sender and cannot be used as a open relay.

We have no knowledge of Exchange servers so here are the basic steps based on our knowledge of customers who have set this up in the past:

Before you start

Your exchange server should be up and running and receiving mail. Your DNS settings should look something like this example.

1. Setup a mailbox with us for the sole purpose of communicating with our server to send out mail. This will not be a mailbox that will receive mail. For example setup a mailbox like

2. We believe some mailservers don’t have authentication when sending (like exchange servers). If this is the case then the only way to authenticate is to poll a mailbox atleast every 15 minutes (by doing this you are automatically authenticated which is a function of the way our server works). So to authenticate we would recommend you setup your server to poll the mailbox setup in step one atleast every 15 minutes.

3. Now to send mail you can send to on port 225 (non ssl) or 465 (with ssl). If your server can authenticate on sending then you would use the email address and mailbox password as setup in step 1.

Removal of mailboxes with us

If you are setting up your exchange server to collect mail directly but still have mailboxes setup with us then we recommend these are removed (you should leave the one from step 1 above). The reason is that if someone, using our services, sends you mail then it will go to the mailbox (or forwarding) ratherthan your mailserver – this is just the way the system works. Removing the mailboxes and forwarding will resolve this issue.

Backup MX

Note that if you setup ‘{mx1}’ as a lower priority (higher value) than your MX in the DNS Editor settings then our server will act as a MX backup to your server.  This means that whenever your mail server is not responding then our server will collect the messages (they won’t be delivered to any mailboxes with us). Messages can be stored for up to 5 days. When your MX is working again then messages will be delivered back to that, normally within about an hour of it coming back online.