Mail Forwarding

If you have an Advanced Email or Hosting account, you can create mailboxes on your domain name. A mailbox differs from redirected mail in that the mail is stored on our servers rather than being forwarded on to an alternate email address.

Problems with Forwarding

Forwarding can be somewhat problematic these days as a lot of mail providers don’t always deal with forwarded mail in the same way as mail going directly to a email address. This is largely because of spam and people using catchall email addresses to forward vast amounts of spam. If you run a business and emails are important to you then we would suggest you use mailboxes and not forwarding.

Setting up Mail Forwarding

1. Once you have logged in to your UKServers Account Manager, click Domains and then Email Settings link. (If you have more than one domain then use the ‘Selected domain‘ drop-down at the top right to select the right domain).

2. Click the Add recipient button.

3. Enter a valid recipient name, ie: sales or joe.bloggs, there should be no spaces and the only recommended punctuation characters you should use are period, dash or underscore. Now in the Forward to field enter the valid email addresses that you want messages forwarded to (one or more). Finally click the Add recipient button.

You are now returned to the main Email settings screen. Confirmation will show you have added the new recipient.

If the domain is fully active on our nameservers then this email forwarding should now be active.