A mailbox is an allocated space (Mailbox Quota) within our mailsystem for reliable collection of emails for a specified email address on your domain name. Once you have created a new mailbox it will start collecting incoming mail. This mail can then be accessed through various mail clients and devices. Mail can be downloaded (POP access) and optionally removed off the server (increasing space for new emails) or can be just viewed remotely (IMAP access).

Mailbox Overview

An active mailbox can receive and be read simultaneously

It is important to remember each mailbox has a finite size (Mailbox Quota) and when that mailbox becomes full it will no longer collect mail – senders will receive a bounce message to the affect that the mailbox is not accepting new mail (ie. messages will say mailbox is ‘Over Quota‘).

Mailbox Full Overview

Mail will be lost if a mailbox becomes full.

For any other mailbox related issues then please see our Mailbox Problems page.

How to get Mailboxes

Mailboxes are available on all paid hosting services and the Adv. Email service. If you only have the free services and want to upgrade then please do this at our main site at Virtualnames.