Mailbox Problems

There may be many reasons you may encounter mailbox problems but most are not because there is a problem with our mailservers or infrastructure – most are configuration issues or conflicts that can be rectified easily. General problems are covered here but also see our specific help pages for problems Sending Mail and Receiving Mail.

Common configuration issues:

1. Intermittent login issues – Login box appears.

Your mail client might bring up the account login box for a number of reasons. If it appears constantly then it may be a internet issue (check you can read webspages like bbc news, google etc.,) or problem with our mailservers or connectivity with our datacentre (check our server status page).

The most common reason for this issue is when one POP mail client locks out another (only one POP client should be used per mailbox). Most often this happens when you have recently setup a smartphone to access your mailbox and this has been setup in POP mode. The solution to this is to setup your smartphone in IMAP mode (see configuring Iphone/Ipad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone).