Receiving Mail

Mailbox Problems – Receiving Mail

1. Mailbox is full (Over Quota)

The mailbox on the server is full. This doesn’t mean your computer mailbox is full.

Symptoms: People sending to you will encounter this problem in the form of a bounce message that will include the words ‘over quota‘ (any mail forwarding won’t be affected by this).

Quick Fix: The short term solution is to increase the mailbox size or to free up some space by deleting some of your online emails (perhaps with webmail), however the problem will most likely re-occur so you need to look at this in more detail to determine the real problem. We have outlined the most common scenarios below:

Reason 1 – Mailbox is not really used but forwarding is

Sometimes a mailbox is setup aswell as setting the mail to forward to another email address so you are receiving the emails via the forwarding but you are not actually downloading directly from the mailbox and therefore never removing any emails off the server.

Solution: If you don’t read the mailbox and are happy to have your mail forwarded then goto your Account Manager under Domains > Email settings. Click on the recipient to edit the mail settings and un-tick the ‘enable mailbox’ option and click ‘Save changes’. Problem should now be solved.

Reason 2 – Mailbox is read but mail not deleted off server, or quickly enough

If you read your mail in IMAP (Messages viewed from the server) or even with POP (messages downloaded) then it’s most likely messages are not being removed off the server. Or it maybe messages are being removed but just not quickly enough.

Solution (IMAP): As IMAP works on the basis all your messages are held on the server you either need to increase the mailbox size or delete messages off the server.

Solution (POP): Check the mail settings on the system you download your messages to. Normally you will have two options: Either to ‘delete messages when read from the server’ (normally ok if you don’t use Mobile devices for mail) or ‘delete messages after x-days (x value set by you).