Sending Mail

Mailbox Problems – Sending Mail

Before going any deeper into sending issues it should be noted that ‘most’ sending problems are caused by not having all the settings correctly configured. Mail can work, or appear to work, with just some of the settings correct which can be confusing when you then start to get problems.

Troubleshooting Help

When you have any sending issues and mail has been left in your mail clients outbox then it’s important to clear this mail either by deleting it or moving it to another folder. It’s unlikely this mail has been sent but normally it will have to be cleared from the outbox before your mail issues can be resolved. It’s a good idea to clear the outbox and close / re-open the mail client prior to trying to send again.

Common configuration issues:

1. Using port 25 for outgoing mail may produce intermittent problems.

None of our mail client setup help recommends using port 25. If you are using port 25 for mailboxes with us then you should change this to port 225. A large number of ISPs route port 25 traffic through their own SMTP servers which can cause intermittent results if the mail account is not with them.

2. Your mail program is not authenticating for sending with the mailserver.

Our mailservers require authentication prior to accepting mail for sending. Normally if you have ‘read’ mail within the last 15 minutes then this automatically authenticates you for sending but after that you would not be authenticated unless you explicitly set this option within your mail client. This option is normally a tick box which is titled ‘My Server Requires Authentication’. Once ticked you hightlight the option that says ‘use same settings as incoming’ or authenticate in clear text with your User name (email address) and mailbox password.

For more details see our Mailbox Settings page.