Using Mailboxes

Once a mailbox is setup it can start collecting mail immediately so it’s important to work out how you are going to use your mailbox and keep it within quota to avoid missing important emails (mail will bounce if a mailbox is full).

Ways to access your mailbox:

1. Via your Browser using Webmail & Atmail

Webmail & Atmail both are use IMAP to access your online mailbox (ie. mail still held on the server). Webmail offers a basic interface but nevertheless is very useful when out and about to view mail on the server. Webmail also has some useful filtering options that work outside of webmail across your mailbox (good for filtering nuisance emails when spam filtering doesn’t help). Atmail is a modern looking browser client.

2. Via your Desktop/Laptop computers

Most computer systems will come with some sort of mail client software. We cover some of the most popular mail clients here but if yours is not covered then you should be able to use our general mailbox settings to get connected.

Mail setup instructions are currently available for the following mail clients:

Outlook Express
Outlook 2003
Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010
Windows Live Mail
Mac Mail

3. Via a Mobile device

More and more people are now using mobile devices to also check their mailboxes. We recommend settings these up to access your mailbox in IMAP mode (ie. view not download messages) and then continue to download messages via your main computer systems aswell.

Mobile mail setup instructions are now available for:

Apple Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch
Android Mail
Blackberry Mail
Windows Phone Mail

Setting a Autoresponder

Also known as a Autoreply, Out-of-Office, Away or Holiday message

1. Login to your Account Manager and go to Domains > Email settings.

2. Click on recipient name in the email list you want to add an autoresponder to.

3. Scroll down to the section on Autoresponders (you don’t need to touch the other sections).

4. Click the ‘Enable autoresponder‘ to make active (untick to turn off).

5. Enter a Subject line for the auto reply email.

6. Optional enter a ‘Reply-to‘ email address. If nothing is entered then it defaults to the email address we are editing but if you want someone to ‘reply’ to another email address then enter it here.

7. Enter a Message which will be the body of the autoresponder email. This must be plain text.

8. Click ‘Save changes‘ and this should immediately become active.

A typical view of a incoming Autoresponder email

Note: Autoresponder emails can take anything up to 30 minutes to be sent but generally much quicker.