Setting up Outlook Express

Before you start…

Before you can set up your Outlook Express you must have created a mailbox. You will need the Mailbox name and Password from when you set up your mailbox. The mailbox name is the same as the email address for the mailbox, and the password is what you set when you created the mailbox.

Setting up Outlook Express

1.) Load up Microsoft Outlook Express, go to the Tools menu and select Accounts…. Then click the Add button on the right and click Mail… – this will start the Internet Connection Wizard.

Enter the person’s name you want email to come from and click Next

2.) Here you enter the email address you want mail to come from when you send it with Outlook Express. Click Next..

3. ) Enter the mailserver names as given above and click Next

4. ) The Account Name is the full email address. The password will be whatever you entered when you set up the mailbox on our Account Manager. Click Next

5.) Click Finish..

6.) You should have this window still visible, if it isn’t, go to the Tools Menu, click Accounts… and click the Mail tab.

7.) Select the entry and click the Properties button and then select the Servers tab..and click the My server requires authentication checkbox.

8. ) Now select the Advanced tab and change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) value from 25 to 225. Click OK and this screen closes. Now click Close on the Internet Accounts screen.

You should now be able to send and receive mail using our mailservers.