Setting up Iphone Mail to use our mailboxes is relatively straightforward. The instructions below may appear long, but providing you proceed through them carefully one step at a time, you should not encounter any problems.

Before you start…

Before you can set up your Iphone Mail you must have created a mailbox using your UKServers Account Manager. You will need the Mailbox Password from when you set up your mailbox. The mailbox name is the same as the full email address for the mailbox, and the password is what you set when you created the mailbox.

You may need to make sure messages are kept on the server for so long (By default most mail clients like Outlook, Outlook Express delete messages as soon as they are read leaving your server mailbox empty). If you read your mailbox with a POP client then you can change the ‘Delete after reading’ to ‘Delete after x-days’ in your mail clients Advanced Settings.

Setting up Iphone Mail

1.) On your Iphone click on the Settings Icon.


2.) Then scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3.) Under Accounts click Add Account.


4.) Click Other.


5.) Then click Add Mail Account.


6.) Now enter your Name, New Email Address, Mailbox Password – then click Save.


7.) Make sure you have IMAP selected. This stops the Iphone from causing any other mail clients from being locked out of your mailbox.


8.) Enter details for Incoming Mail Server: Host Name: mail.ukservers.net with User Name being your full email address followed by your mailbox password.

Then enter details for Outgoing Mail Server: Host Name: smtp.ukservers.net with User Name and Password being the same as for the incoming mail server.

9.) Click Save to complete the mail setup..

Access your mail from the Iphone Mail App.

Mail Polling and Push Email

Virtualnames mail services don’t currently support ‘push’ email so you will need to set the mailbox to be polled every 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, Hourly or Manually just by loading the mail software or clicking the circular arrow in the mail program.

Using the server Trash Folder for deleted mail

By default the Iphone sets the trash folder to be on the Iphone itself. This shouldn’t present any problems but may start to take up valuable space when you could just as easily store these emails on the server.

To do this you would first need to setup a Trash folder on the server.

The way you must do this via our Webmail system. Simply login with your mailbox email address and mailbox password. If you have a Trash folder already then it would appear under the INBOX on the left panel under the heading ‘Folders’ – if you have then skip the webmail steps and carry on with the Iphone setup below.

Click the Folders option from the Webmail menu. Then you need to create a ‘Trash‘ folder as a subfolder of INBOX. Click Create then this step has now been completed and you can close Webmail.

Now back to your Iphone you need to re-edit your mail account settings.

Scroll down and go to Advanced settings.

Select the Deleted Mailbox settings.

You can now choose to use the server Trash folder.

To close and save settings you now need to click back to Advanced > Account Info then click Done then close Settings.