Setting up Mac Mail

Setting up Mac Mail is very straightforward. The instructions below may appear long, but providing you proceed through them carefully one step at a time, you should not encounter any problems. These instructions were written for Mac OS-X 10.3.3 Mail, the procedure for setting up other versions of Mail should be very similar.

Before you start…

Before you can set up your Mac Mail you must have created a mailbox using our UKServers Account Manager. You will need the Mailbox name and Password from when you set up your mailbox. The mailbox name is the same as the email address for the mailbox, and the password is what you set when you created the mailbox.

1. Run Mac Mail, then click on the Mail menu and select Preferences….

2. Click the Accounts icon and then click the + button:

3. You now need to enter the settings for your account, this needs to be filled in carefully with the information for our servers and your account. Set the Account Type to POP and the Incoming mail server name to: You will also need to enter your email address details, your logon User name (ie: the Mailbox name is the same as your email address), and the Password (you set this in the web control panel when you enabled the Mailbox).

4. Now select Add Server… for the Outgoing Mail Server setting; this will bring up another window allowing you to set the SMTP server options. Set the Outgoing mail server to, set Authentication to Password and then enter your mailbox User name and Password as you did in the previous step:

5. You will also need to change the outgoing port setting. To do this, change the Server port from 25 to 587 then click the OK button.

6. You should now be back at Account information page. You can now click the Window Close Icon.

You will be prompted to save changes, so click the Save button.

7. Your setup is now complete! Click the Get Mail icon to check that it is all set up correctly and try sending yourself a test message if your domain is working (remember domains take 24 hours to start working after registration, or 24-48 hours to work fully after a transfer has completed).

For further information on using Mac Mail please consult the user manual that came with the product, or use the built in help function. Unfortunately we cannot provide support in the use of this product.