Windows Live Mail & Outlook 2010

Before you start…

Before you can set up your Windows Mail you must have created a mailbox using our UKServers Account Manager. You will need the Mailbox Password from when you set up your mailbox.

Setting up Windows Live Mail

1) Load up Windows Live Mail, then click the drop-menu icon followed by Options > E-mail account…

2) Click Add… then select Email Account and click Next

3) Enter your Email address, mailbox Password and Display name (name/company etc). Tick the Manually configure server settings and click Next

4) We recommend you leave Server type as POP then enter incoming server address as then tick Requires a secure connection (SSL) with port 995. Authenticate using should be ‘Clear text‘ with Logon user name being your full email address. Set outgoing server address as with port 465 and tick: Requires a secure connection (SSL) and tick: Requires authentication. Then click Next

5) Click Finish – Email account has been added.

6) Unfortunately the setup above doesn’t allow you to make all the required settings so it’s necessary to click the drop-menu icon again followed by Options > E-mail account… then select your new Mail account from the list then click Properties

7) We recommend you change the ‘Delivery’ settings from the default. If you don’t remove messages from the server then your mailbox (on the server) will become full and start bouncing messages (ie. you won’t receive them).

If you only receive mail on one system then we would suggest you untick ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server’ – this means messages will be downloaded locally and then deleted immediately from the online mailbox.

If however you are like a lot of people these days with Mobile devices etc., then you may want to leave ‘recent/new’ messages on the server so you can still view these while still being able to download all messages to your main system. The example above shows we are leaving the last 10-days of mail on the server. You can set this to what you need but be aware your online mailbox has to be big enough to store these messages.