Changing Mail Settings

Changing settings on an existing mail address is easy via your Account Manager login. You can enable a mailbox, set a new mailbox password, setup forwarding addresses, adjust the mailbox quota (size), set the server delete options or make changes to the Spam filtering settings.

Note: Mailbox settings are only available when you have our Adv. Email or Hosting services.

Editing Mail Settings

Once you have logged in to your UKServers Account Manager, click Domains and then Email Settings link. (If you have more than one domain then use the ‘Selected domain‘ drop-down at the top right to select the right domain).

Click the recipient name to edit settings (this doesn’t include Deleting a mail recipient and mail filtering).

Once in the edit screen you can make a number of changes. These are listed below.

(1) Enable mailbox – Tick to setup this address as a mailbox. Untick to remove the mailbox but retain this address as a forwarding address – perhaps.

(2) New password – This option lets you set a new mailbox password. You will also need to fill in the Repeat password box to and both will need to be the same for the new password to be accepted.

(3) Size (MB) – This is the size of the ‘online’ mailbox. If you leave messages on the server or use IMAP then the mailbox size will need to be bigger. The  figure in () will show you the maximum size you can make the mailbox based on your available space allocation. For more details on mailbox size click here.

(4) Delete mail – This is where you set the server to delete mail after so many days. This should be used with caution as it will delete messages irrespective of whether you have read them or not. Ideally this should not be used and messages should be removed off the server by your mail software.

(5) Forward to – Whether you use a mailbox or not you can still forward ‘copies’ of messages to another email address. If you use forwarding and don’t need a mailbox then make sure you don’t enable the mailbox option. For more details on mail forwarding click here.

(6) Enable autoresponder – This is used for simple mail received acknowledgements or out of office messages. Simply setup and enable or disable as required. For more details on Autoresponders click here.

Make the changes you require and click the Save changes button. Setting changes will take effect immediately.

Delete a mail recipient

To delete a mailbox or mail forwarding recipient then simply click the Trash icon to the right. You will be prompted ‘Are you sure’ then by confirming this will remove the mail recipient.