Having a website is now almost essential in any profession. Infact even if you have basic one-page site (see our free hosting option) listed in the Search Engines can still help people find your business.

Professional Hosting with Virtualnames

Virtualnames offers professional Hosting and Email services in the UK from just £10+vat per year. Whether you want to host a small website or large e-commerce site with SSL. Upgrading is easy so you can grow your site with ease. With fast email and telephone support we don’t leave you waiting for help.

A good website can boost peoples perceptions of your business without breaking the bank. Take an example of an online shop with the setup costs from around £50 upwards for a professional looking e-commerce site. Now imagine the costs involved in having a high street shop with good location, fittings etc.,

There are many reasons why you should have your own website, whether you are a owner of a small, medium or large company, professional, free lancer, blogger or hobbyist:

  • There are approximately 970 millions Internet users, 15% of the world’s population. This is a massive market if you want to create a global business.
  • In 2010, 30.1 million adults in the UK (60 per cent) accessed the Internet every day or almost every day. This is nearly double the estimate in 2006 of 16.5 million.
  • All websites are global but you use your website to narrow down your visitor base – ie. domain generally tell people you are UK based looking for UK visitors. You can further reduce your field with your content and page headers ie. “JK Locksmiths covering the West Midlands, Birmingham”
  • Having a website means your business is open and reachable round the clock and throughout the year. Your web site is your online shop and it is open for 24/7.