Virtualnames provide a full range of hosting services: from free webspace for small homepages, to professional web hosting for more demanding sites. All hosting accounts include access to our fast and reliable email system.

If you are familiar with site design then you may just want your FTP Settings so you can get started.

Beginners start here:

If you are new to Web Design then we will try and make things easy for you. Once you have a domain name and hosting you are then ready to create a website. If you are going to be using a Web Design company then you probably just need to give them your FTP Settings so they can upload a site for you. On occasions it may be necessary to give your Web Designers access to your Account Manager. This you do at your own risk but if you are dealing with a reputable company then it shouldn’t be an issue. Talk to us if you are uncertain.

Even for a beginner wishing to create your own site there are still many options. A lot of Web Design packages now don’t expect you to have any (or very little) Web Design knowledge. If you use a Windows-based system then we recommend the use of Serif Webplus (there is also a free version). If you feel a bit more adventurous (Windows & MAC users) then why not take a look a WordPress.