FREE Webplus Software

There are a number of free Web Design applications on the market for Windows but on the face of it we would have to recommend Serif Webplus SE for being the simplest to install and easiest to use.


Setting up with your Virtualnames hosting

1) From Webplus menu go to File > Publish Site > Maintain Web Site > Add

Enter the FTP details from your UKServers Account Manager under Domains > Website Settings

Then click the link near the bottom of the page that says: Show upload and temporary FTP details


If you haven’t used FTP before then you will need to first set a FTP password from your Account Manager in the main menu under FTP settings. Also make sure your FTP is Unlocked when you need to upload (publish).

Account name: {Whatever you want}
FTP address:
Port: 21 {default}
Folder: html/
Username: {your account username}
Password: {your ftp password}
Passive FTP: Enabled

NOTE: Password is NOT set by us. Set in your Account Manager.

2) You are now ready to publish your site

For your main page to auto load when you publish your site you need to make sure it is named either index.htm or index.html. Most likely this will be the default of the software. Other pages can use the default set by the software or you can manually change them with more relevant filenames (which may help your Search Engine rankings).

To publish your site from Webplus go to:

File > Publish site > Publish to Web

More publishing help will be available in the Webplus Help Menu.

For FREE Hosting settings

For more details see our Free Hosting page.

(5) Host Server: {}
(6) Username: {}
(7) Password: {your Account Manager password}
(8) Domain Folder: {leave blank}
Port: 21 {default}
Passive FTP: Enabled

NOTE: Password is NOT set by us. Set in your Account Manager.