Dreamweaver FTP

Dreamweaver is one of the top-end web development systems. The following instruction should help you set up Dreamweaver so that you can use its built in FTP system to upload your website.

When setting up the Site Definitions in the ‘Local Info‘ section set up the following:

  • The ‘Site name‘ can be anything you like.
  • The ‘Local root folder‘ is the folder on your computer which contains your website.
  • The ‘HTTP address‘ should set the web address of your website.

Now, in the ‘Remote Info‘ section, set up the following:

  • Access‘ is via FTP
  • The ‘FTP host‘ is ftp. followed by your domain name (without www.).
  • The ‘Host directory‘ is /html/ followed by your domain name (again without the www.)
  • The ‘Login‘ name is your FTP username; this usually starts with uks
  • The ‘Password‘ is your FTP password. This is different from the Account Manager password, but if you are not sure what it is, you can set a new one in the Account Manager under FTP settings.
  • You should also set ‘Passive FTP
  • Please note that usernames, passwords and directory names are case sensitive
  • If you are using ‘FTP Locking‘ then make sure it’s unlocked before trying to connect.