Using Scripts

All our paid hosting supports PHP and MySql so there are literally thousands of PHP Scripts that you could run within your webspace. It’s important though you understand that a badly written, or out of date, PHP script can cause major problems to your site and more importantly to the whole server (where hundreds of other customer sites may reside aswell).

Once you upload a PHP script you have a respnsibility to make sure it’s properly installed and kept up to date. If you don’t want this responsibility then please do not install the script or seek professional help to manage this on your behalf. Any script you upload and don’t use should be deleted as these are just as much at risk from hackers.


WordPress is a open source publishing platform that is free to use, easy to install via your Account Manager and very versatile for creating many types of web site. Adding content is easy: Create and publish articles, upload photos locally or from online services. WordPress is template based and with many thousands of themes (free and paid) and plugins available you can easily create your own look and feel with ease. WordPress can be updated via it’s own backoffice admin panel so there is a much smaller learning curve in maintaining a WordPress site over nearly all other PHP script based websites.