FTP Settings

Use almost any FTP Program to manage / upload your files stored with us.

FTP Server Connection Details

Host Server: ftp.yourdomain.com
Username: {your account username}
Password: {your ftp password}
Domain Folder: html/yourdomain.com
Port: 21 {default}
Passive FTP: Enabled

NOTE: Password is NOT set until you set one. See below for details.

So for example if you were giving your Web Designers login details then it should look something like this:
(Why not cut and paste this and substitute with your details to pass them on)

Host Server: ftp.acmegrp.co.uk
Username: uks12345
Password: ******
Domain Folder: html/acmegrp.co.uk

Server uses Passive FTP and port 21

Your own FTP details (excluding password) can be found in your Account Manager under Domains > Website Settings > Show upload and temporary FTP details

Setting your FTP Password

1. Before you can use FTP for the first time or if you don’t remember your FTP password then you will need to set a new FTP password. Go to your Account Manager and select FTP settings

2. Click the Set new FTP password link.

3. Enter a new password. This should be different from your Account Manager password for security reasons. The system checks the quality of your password and will tell you if it’s good or bad but will currently allow you still to set a ‘bad’ password.

Click Set new FTP password when ready. Password will be set instantly.

Using FTP Locking

Background: In recent years a new threat to site security has come along, one such example is malware that can get installed on a local PC that allows someone to capture your FTP settings (among other things). Once they have these it’s then possible for them to infect your site (and site users) aswell as use your site to send out vast amounts of spam emails unless detected by the host. One such example of this malware is the Gumblar virus.

We recommend that you should keep your FTP locked while not required. To set your FTP locking go to your Account Manager and select FTP settings

Set either to lock your FTP now or the amount of time you want to unlock your FTP access. You can also setup specific IP addresses or subnet masks that can allow continuous unlocked access.

Set your locking required then click the Set Locking button to activate.

Once set there is also a handy quick ‘unlock now’ option from the main Account Manager menu that will unlock access for 4 hours.