Installing Joomla 3.x

1. Before you start…

Before you can setup Joomla 3.x you need to make sure you are on a server that can support this. Joomla 3.x needs the minimum of PHP 5.3.1. You can determine this yourself by looking at the PHP Info but if you want just email our support and they can check and then move you should you be on a older server.

With any PHP Script it’s very important they are not left on the server un-configured or not kept up to date when Security Patches are released. Failure to comply with this could open your site (and the server) to hacking and malware.

2. Preparation

a) First you will need to download the latest Joomla 3.x version to your local system as a ZIP file and then unpack this.

For more experienced Web Developers who are familiar with Shell access then you can simply upload the zip file to the server and unpack it yourself there. To talk to us about getting Shell acess then contact our Support Department.

b) Next you should login to your Account Manager to setup a MySQL Database Name, MySQL Username and User Password. Click Mysql settings.

Also worth checking that if you use the FTP Locking then make sure this is set to unlocked for the duration of the upload. We estimate uploading Joomla to take around 50 minutes.

c) First Add a database that will be used by Joomla by clicking the Add database button.

d) Enter your Database name suffix (overall name should be 16 characters or less including the account prefix) and a brief Description of the database. Then click the Add database button to complete this task.

e) Now you need to setup a User for the Database so now click the Add user button.

f) Enter your Username suffix, secure Password and assign the Joomla database created earlier to the Database(s) drop-down. Leave Level set as Admin. Click Add user to complete this task.

g) Make sure you have the MySQL Database Name, Username and Password (all will be case sensitive) for input into the Joomla setup later.

3. Uploading Joomla

Now with your FTP software open with access to the local Joomla files and the blank server directory where you are installing – now upload all the Joomla files (FTP software should be set in Auto mode rather than Binary or Ascii mode). Upload may take approx. 50 minutes.

4. Configuring Joomla

With Joomla now uploaded you can now complete the installation by configuring Joomla. Type the URL in your browser address bar of where Joomla is now live on the server. You should see something like the page below.

a) Enter the details asked for such as Site Name, Description and Admin login details. All these details can be changed later via the admin backend. Click the Next button to continue.

b) Leaving Database Type and Hostname unchanged enter the Username (MySQL Username), Password (MySQL Password) and Database Name that you created in Step 2 ealier. The Old Database Process option can be ignored if you are starting with a new database. Click the Next button to continue.

c) Determine your own settings on this next screen and click the Next button to complete the configuration.

d) Click the Remove Installation Folder button.


f) Site View (yours will be slightly different)

g) Admin login

If you get any problems during installation then contact our Support Department with as much information as possible so they can look into the causes of this for you.