Guide Overview

We have split our Online Help off into this simple to use reference site that can be opened and used when help is needed.  Aswell as having a full search capability we have provided help on all aspects of the Control Panel (for customers familiar with this)  as well providing help on all the different aspects of this business from Registrations, Domain Transfers, Email Services, Hosting Services, Upgrades, Renewals etc.,

Main Menu Explained

[ Account Manager ]

This section covers all aspects of the UKServers Account Manager. We have included all the usual domain management controls for Hosting, Emails while giving you additional controls for Registry Settings and External DNS aswell as Invoices, Renewals, Linked Accounts, Script Installs (like WordPress)  and more.


If you have never purchased a domain before or just unfamiliar with our website then this section should help you make your domain purchases run smoothly. Aswell as purchasing domains this section also covers pricing and all the information about the services we offer. You can buy just domains or domains and services in all one go – if you don’t buy services now then you can still buy services at anytime from our upgrades section.

Transfers (In and Out)

This section contains help and advice on transfers. Transferring in domains can be complicated if you don’t know what you are doing so follow our help pages to receive a smooth transition.

Unlike many domain registrars we don’t hide the details to transfer out. We understand why customers may want to manage their domains elsewhere and we don’t put any blocks in the way for them to do this. Bear in mind though that you can host elsewhere and still manage your domains with us – we have many customers that do this simply because we are so easy to deal with (ie. we help a lot of customers setup their nameservers, A and CNAMEs so they can host how they want without knowing necessarily how it all works).


If you want a good reliable email service then we cover here how you can setup mailbox services on your domains with us. These can me accessed anywhere in the World through the Internet and Mobile devices. We also cover mail forwarding if you don’t need the reliability of mailboxes, aswell as providing help on setting up your mail externally such as running your own mailserver or simply using services such as GoogleMail, Hotmail etc.,


The Website section covers all aspects of Hosting with us from setting up, to how to get your site uploaded and beyond. We know customers come to us with different experience levels and our help pages and support staff appreciate this. Unlike most hosts all domains held with us have some ‘free hosting’ which is great for holding pages (dare i say Doorway pages to) and infact many small sites can be created with this (5+ page sites) AND there is no silly advertising of any kind added to this.

Even if we can’t convince you to host your site with us we can still help you manage your domain (and perhaps emails) with us and still help you to host elsewhere (we are that helpful..).

Upgrades (and. Downgrades)

If you don’t buy your services when you register or transfer-in your domains then you can upgrade them at anytime. And upgrading from any paid service to another within the first 11 months (of the service purchase) will mean you only pay the difference in service costs (as oppose to the full service price) for the first year.

Should your needs change then you can downgrade a service before the next renewal or simply cancel the renewal in the renewals section (see below).


We choose not to do automatic billing mainly because we can’t refund a domain renewal if you suddenly tell us you didn’t want it once it has been renewed. Instead we make it easy for you to manage all your renewals through your Control Panel – we send you reminders to renew in plenty of time and it’s then up to you when you renew these.

more Help..

We won’t have covered everything so that’s why we give you more help. The best way to get help is to submit a support ticket but we also offer weekend telephone Sales and Support.