If you haven’t registered your own domain and services such as email addresses and webspace before then don’t worry – the process is relatively quick and easy and is completed in 4 simple steps (Choose domains, Select hosting, Contact details and Payment).

1. Choose domains

Start at the Virtualnames main page and type in the domain name you would like (it’s not necessary to type in the domain type at this stage – ie. .com etc.,). Remember domain names can only be made up of letters, numbers and hyphens ‘-‘ (but these can’t be at the start). Domain Names are not case-sensitive.

When you have found the domain you want then tick the box next to it and click the ‘Add to basket‘ button. If you want more than one domain then you can continue to search for more domains by repeating the process above. Once you have found the domain names you require then click the ‘Continue‘ button in the Domain basket area.

2. Select hosting

Now for each domain name in your basket you can choose the hosting service you require. Note to, that these can all be added later by placing a further order from the Virtualnames Upgrade page. Adding services should automatically update the Total price for the order. If it doesn’t then click the ‘Update‘ button. Once you are happy with your order then click ‘Continue‘.

3. Contact details

If you have an account with us already then by entering the correct username / password will allow you to skip most of the contact details (unless you do want different details).

IF Creating new account

Click the ‘Create new account‘ and enter the details you want registered for this account. Note these details are not displayed on the public WHOIS database.

Now you are asked for the details that will be used to register the new domain name(s). Most of the time you will probably use the ‘copy from account‘ link to autofill the fields. You can however make changes to these if you want a different details for these domains. Note there is usually a fee to change the Legal owner so it’s best to get this right while registering.

Once you have entered the required details then click ‘Continue‘ at the bottom.

4. Payment

You are now ready to select your payment method. The preferred method is via Debit or Credit card or with Paypal (If you get problems with the standard Debit/Credit card payment system then you can also use Paypal without having a paypal account). These payments are quick and your domain name(s) and services will be up in the shortest amount of time (normally less than 6 hours). We also accept cheques and bank payments.

5. Complete

Your order is been accepted and is now being processed. You will receive a confirmation email in a few minutes but allow upto an hour to receive the ‘completed’ confirmation email.