Recovering Login Details

If you have lost or forgot your Account Manager password or it’s just not working then there is a way to get a new password but you must know your Account username (uks.. or web.. ) and your email address you have setup in your Account (or the one you […] Read more »


This is where you pay for services and domain renewals. You can pay by Debit/Credit Card, Paypal or Cheque or Bank Transfers. Renewal reminder frequency and email address used for reminders is set in the Account settings. Read more »

Website statistics

The Website statistics provides information about the visitor activity of your site. We would suggest that if you are not familiar with raw server logs then just use the Webalizer report. This provides a more graphical interpretation of visitor traffic along with a monthly breakdown of the information. Read more »

Install scripts

This section allows you to install some scripts automatically into your webspace. WordPress has proved to be so popular for creating almost any type of website that we have now added the option to Install WordPress. We hope to add more install options in the future (ie. Joomla, Drupal etc.,). Read more »

Website settings

In this section you can get your FTP upload details aswell as edit website settings (see sections below). Note the main display (with hosting enabled) contains important information about your current configuration. Here you can see your current service level, webspace allocation and usage inc. bandwidth etc. For people who […] Read more »

Linked accounts

Linked accounts are useful for a number of reasons. Primarily used by businesses or individuals who manage domains for clients and friends etc., They are also useful for when you want to perhaps give FTP access to a developer for one domain without giving them full access to all your […] Read more »

FTP settings

The FTP Settings section now allows you to maintain your FTP security aswell as maintaining your FTP password for the whole account. Note that the default (at the start) for FTP locking is off and the FTP password is not set. Read more »

Email settings

If you host or forward emails through us then this is where you manage your email addresses for a specific domain. Use the ‘Add recipient‘ to create new mailboxes or setup forwarding addresses. Click the ‘Bin’ (Trash) icon on the far right to delete unwanted entires. If you have Adv. […] Read more »


The Domains section allows you to action and control many aspects of your domains. There is a convenient ‘selected domain’ drop-down at the top right. Whenever you enter the Domains menu you will be defaulted on your first domain (if you have more than one). Use this drop-down to select […] Read more »