Transferring domains can be easy in some cases and difficult in others. A lot will depend on the domain type aswell as whether you have full control over the account where the domain is held. Here we will deal with transferring in. For transferring away click here.

Transfers IN

To add further complications there are different ways you can transfer to our services without having to actually move your domain names – infact there are some domain types that we don’t manage (ie. currently .co, .tv and most foreign domain types). As our core business is in Hosting our priority is more with our serivces than trying to manage every domain type. For domains we don’t manage then please follow the details below for ‘Transfer Hosting’.

Types of transfer:

Registry Transfers

(for COM, ORG, NET, INFO and .BIZ)

At the outset we should point out that a registry transfer will normally take around 7 days but if you are moving services to us then we would recommend you update the nameservers with your current registrar before starting the transfer (our nameservers are:, and This will allow a quick move of services (normally about 24 hours) with the registry transfer proceeding in the background.

Also if your domain is up for renewal shortly or has recently expired then you should renew with your current registrar before proceeding. Only occasionally with some registries can a expired domain be transferred.

Before placing the transfer-in order with us you will need to have the following:

1. Domain will need to be ‘unlocked’ with your current registrar to allow transfer.
2. Domain admin email contact address should be a email address that gets to you.
3. Ask the current registrar for the Auth-Code (also called the EPP code)

Note: Any Whois domain privacy should be turned off to allow the correct email address to work. Also change the nameservers before starting the transfer if you want hosting/email transferred quickly.

To place your registry transfer-in order with us click here.

What happens next: When the order has been processed we will send you confirmation and initiate the transfer with our registry (Melbourne IT). They will start the transfer which will mean an email will go to the current registrar and to the admin contact (This email should come from Your current registrar ‘may’ email you to ask you to confirm transfer aswell as our registry will definitely need approval from the admin contact. Once approved the transfer will follow within about 5-days.

Click the link in the MelbourneIT email to confirm the transfer

Transfer .UK Name


Transferring UK domains is quite straightforward which is why generally you keep the domain with the host.

Place your UK transfer-in order with us click here.

Then get the current registrar to update the TAG to UKSERVERS

Once the previous registrar changes the TAG then our system detects this and updates the nameservers to ours.

Transfer Hosting

(for all other transfers)

Place your transfer-in order with us click here.

Then change the nameservers when you are ready to transfer hosting:    {optional}

Common issues after Nameserver changes

Mail Issues

Whereas changing the nameservers will generally mean your domain will point to the new servers for web accesses within 24-48 hours (normally a lot less these days), mail ‘may’ take longer. We certainly recommend you make sure your previous host keeps mail services running for atleast 48 hours after the transfer while some mail may continue to go to their servers. The reason mail takes longer is all mail hosts have a TTL (Time To Live) setting before the mail settings are refreshed. We have a very short TTL but we have seen some hosts with anything up to 7-day TTL values.

If this is likely to cause you problems then either talk to your previous host about this or we believe by changing the MX record with your previous host prior to transfer may overcome this problem. Setup your domain with us including your mail settings then change the MX record with your previous host to – mail should then transfer across – normally within about 6 hours.