WordPress is a open source publishing platform that is free to use, easy to install and very versatile for creating many types of web site. Adding content is easy: Create and publish articles, upload photos locally or from online services like FlickR and Photobucket aswell as embed videos from YouTube or Google. WordPress is template based and with many thousands of themes (free and paid) and plugins available you can easily create your own look and feel with ease.

Most Websites can be created with WordPress

WordPress started life as a blogging tool but has now become a very versatile CMS (Content Management System) that can be used not just for Blog sites but also for nearly any kind of site you can imagine. WordPress installs on the server so no extra software is required and you can login and administer your WordPress site from any internet browser anywhere in the World. Sites can even be maintained by multiple users logging in simultaneously.

Reliability is a key importance with any site and WordPress delivers this with it’s constant development via it’s dedicated team of code writers. For a good site you also need a reliable hosting service that supports WordPress.

Here are 5 good reasons why we recommend WordPress for your site:


  • It’s Free

WordPress is open source software and as such can be used for free. This is because it’s developed by a worldwide community of people who do it simply because they believe in Open Source. So no fees to download it, install it, use it or update it.

  • It’s Easy

WordPress is essentially a Content Manager System (CMS for short). There are many of these around (others include Joomla, Drupal etc.,) but WordPress is one of the easiest to learn. Someone with little experience will soon pick up how to use WordPress with little or no help.

  • It’s Secure

What with hacking commonplace these days it’s important your site stays secure. With any script like WordPress it’s important to keep it up to date. When you login to your WordPress admin it tells you whether you are running the latest version. Infact WordPress is one of very few scripts that allows you to upgrade itself with a few clicks from your admin. Obviously use secure passwords to.

  • It’s Versatile

You will certainly want your own unique look and feel to your site. WordPress helps you do this through it’s popularity with theme designers. There are thousands of themes you can choose from and thousands of plugins to add in order to get exactly the functionality you need. If you are a web designer and/or web developer, you can also use existing themes and plugins and modify them exactly to your liking.

  • It’s Supported

Not only is there a great forum at WordPress.org but there is soo much help for WordPress online if you just know where to look (why not google it). Themes and Plugins will generally have their own support to.


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