Backup a WordPress Site

Now you have a WordPress site it’s important to have backups of the site. As a host Virtualnames do backup sites but these backups are only kept for a few days and are made primarily incase of server failures – we are happy to use these to restore sites when required but it’s very important site owners take their own backups.

With a standard html site you normally create this locally and then upload to the server (or perhaps your Web designer may do this) so chances are you always have a backup of your site anyway. But with WordPress the site is prettymuch created directly on the server so you won’t have a copy of ‘everything’ locally.

Here we present a few options for backing up your WordPress starting with the simplest option.

WordPress Backup using BackupBuddy plugin

BackupBuddy is a plugin from Ithemes that allows you to backup your site to either; the hosting server itself, Amazon S3, a FTP/FTPS account, or an email address. Not only this but BackupBuddy will allow you to restore a entire site without first having WordPress installed (via a simple importbuddy.php file installed first).

WordPress Backup using Automatic WordPress Backup plugin

If you have a Amazon S3 account already then this is the simplest way to backup your WordPress site. The Automatic WordPress Backup plugin is currently free and simple to use. Backups can be automatically scheduled for Daily, Weekly or Monthly directly to your Amazon S3 account. You can also restore from the plugin over your exiting files or if you have to start from scratch then you simply install WordPress, install the plugin and then restore your site.

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