Virtualnames have now made installing WordPress a breeze for hosted customers. Simply log into your UKServers Account Manager and go to Domains > Install Scripts then click the WordPress link.

As well as installing WordPress in your main root folder you can also install in subfolders and subdomains. Here we are just installing WordPress to run the whole site so just using the defaults.

Allow a few minutes for the installation to fully complete then click the URL provided on the final screen to open the WordPress installation.

Finalise the WordPress installation. It’s important for security that this is not left and is done reasonably promptly.

The single most important thing you can do is not to use common usernames. WordPress gives you ‘admin‘ by default so you should never use that. Other common ones we would recommend you don’t use include: test, Admin, administrator, root

After completing the WordPress installation screen your new WordPress site should look something like ours below.